Alarm Feature:

All U 4000 Series Exit Devices can be converted into alarm devices. Its feature is used to deter and signal the unauthorized use of an opening. For warning someone to open a controlled door, the push bar is printed with “EMERGENCY EXIT ONLY, PUSH TO OPEN ALARM WILL SOUND “in red lettering.

The Alarm Exit Device is operated by a 9 VDC battery, it has two alarm modules:

Type A – Monitors push bar
When the push bar is depressed, the horn will sound. This type is suitable for exit device without outside lever trim (for exit only).

Type B – Monitors push bar and latch bolt
When the push bar is depressed or the latch bolt is retracted by operating the outside lever trim, the alarm will sound.

Model numbers for inquiring or ordering:
Prefix “ AL “A or B ( Type A or Type B ) on any one 4000 Series model number and, then add other suffixes as per the ordering information listed in the exit device section.

For example:

  • AL-A-U4340-N- – 36- LD-RHR – 630 (i.e. Panic-Rated Narrow Stile Rim Exit Device + Type A alarm, 36”, US32D)
  • AL-A-U4230-F – 48- LD-RHR – 626 (i.e. Fire -Rated SVR Exit Device + Type B alarm, 48”, US26D)