Small Format Interchangeable Cores- Model# U2330

Product Brief:
ULL 2330 offers SFIC cores as per ANSI standard, suitable for multiple level master keying. The cores are made out of solid brass with highest precision.

Technical Data:

  • Areas of Application: Mortise locks, exit devices, key switches and other hardware items that are operated by SFIC cores with the appropriate housing.
  • Material: Brass or Bronze
  • Standard Keyway: SC Keyway.
  • Keying: Factory master keying or 0-bitted/uncombinated for end user keying.
  • Optional Keyways: Other keyways available upon request.
  • Compatibility : Compatible with housings from Arrow, Best, Falcon and KSP.
  • Number of Pins: 6 pins and 7 pins available

ANSI/BHMA: Meets the requirements of ANSI A156.5-2001


How to Order

Model NumberNo. of pinsKeywaysKeyingFinish
U 23306BA-Best AMKD-Masterkeyed613
7BB-Best BTMP-Temporary626
BC-Best CUNC-Uncombinated606
BD-Best D
BE-Best E
BF-Best F
BG-Best G
BH-Best H
BJ-Best J
BK-Best K
BL-Best L
BM-Best M
BQ-Best q