Delayed Egress

The Delayed Egress Exit Device can provide a controlled egress for opening When the exit device is in the arming stage it will deny exit to unauthorized person for 15 ~ 30 seconds if the push pad is depressed for 3 seconds or longer, the device will sound a local and remote audible alarm. The remote monitor signal will alert the security personnel for taking immediate action.

The Delayed Egress Exit Device is furnished with a sticker in red letters which states:

When the exit device is in the arming state, turning the key clockwise to Bypass position allows authorized personnel to exit for maintenance or emergent egress without alarming. If the exit device is in the arming mode, turning the key switch counterclockwise to Reset position will release the device without alarming for egress and will rearm after 10 seconds.

Device is ANSI A156.3 Grade 1 and ANSI A156.24.

Model numbers for inquiring or ordering are the same as the Alarm Exit Device.

Prefix “ DE“ on any one 4000 Series model number and, then add other suffixes as per the ordering information listed in the exit device section.

For example:

  • DE-U4340-N- – 36- LD-RHR – 630 ((I.e. Panic-Rated Narrow Stile Rim Exit Device + Delayed Egress, 36”, US32D)
  • DE-U4230-F – 48- LD-RHR – 626 (I.e. Fire -Rated SVR Exit Device + Delayed Egress, 48”, US26D)